Meet Lucy, Our Jucy Camper Van

We’ve spent the last 20 days in a bright green and purple camper van driving across New Zealand. We were a bit nervous for our transition from city to camper van living, but we are happy to report that we’re loving it!

Before we get too far, there is someone important to introduce. Meet Lucy.

Since we were born and raised in Minnesota, it seemed only right to name our Jucy van, Lucy, to honor the oh-so-delilcious burger stuffed with cheese that was first created there. There are two restaurants in Minneapolis that claim they had the first, and interestingly enough both spell their burgers differently (Jucy Lucy and Juicy Lucy.)

Photo from Matt's Bar - one of the two Minneapolis restaurants that claims to have created the first.

Photo from Matt’s Bar – one of the two Minneapolis restaurants that claims to have created the first.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, the bragging can start.

Lucy came very well equipped. While she might only look like a mini-van, she has been modified to be quite a comfortable living space for the two of us.


Lucy before her transformation. 

The middle row of seats has been removed which allows for two configurations to take place. You can have a table and bench setup, or a bed. There is also a built in DVD player in this area.

Lucy also has some hidden storage.


Ready for bed

Many people have asked us if the bed is comfortable and it actually is. We are both tall people, but even Ben who is 6’2″ can fully stretch out.

The pillows and blanket that came with Lucy are also quite comfortable, although I am not sure we would’ve picked them for our home considering they are bright green and purple as well.

They try really hard to glow in the dark.

They try really hard to glow in the dark.

In the kitchen area we have a fridge, gas hot plate, sink with running water, and storage area for dishes and food. Lucy came with all of the necessary cooking items as well, everything from pots and pans to bottle openers and vegetable peelers.

They thought of everything!

They thought of everything!

We have been spoiled by Lucy’s bells and whistles. Any difficulties transitioning we thought might happen have been totally avoided. I think the only challenge that we might face in the coming weeks is saying goodbye to our sweet Lucy at the end of September.

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    September 4, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Gotta love Lucy! I was happy to see the inside – it looks quite comfortable… So much so I checked and was thrilled to see that Jucy rents in the U.S. in CA and LV. Road trip! Thanks again for sharing your adventures with us – we’re lovin’ it 😊

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      September 5, 2016 at 2:23 am

      We sure do! We have had to use our sleeping bags every night in addition to the blanket because it has been getting pretty cold, but otherwise it’s been great!

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    […] First things first, you need a camper van. There are dozens of different companies that rent them in all shapes and sizes across the islands. We went with Jucy after doing lots of research and realizing their Cabana was a good fit for the two of us. We have been spoiled by Lucy’s bells and whistles. […]

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