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What "Four"?


My Own NZ Adrenaline Adventures

I did it!

We came to New Zealand, the adventure capital of the world, and didn’t do any of the extreme adventures it’s known for.

When many people think of this small country, they think adrenaline: skydiving, canyon swinging, bungee jumping, and zorbing. There’s no doubt there are lots of opportunities to do those things, but I don’t have a desire to. A traumatic experience when I was young left me equating the rollercoaster flip in my stomach with fear, so I do my best to avoid it.

But that isn’t to say I didn’t push my limits, or get my adrenaline pumping during our time in New Zealand. Continue Reading


Five Stages of Hiking From a Wannabe Hiker

It dawned on me yesterday as we were climbing yet another mountain; just like there are five stages of grief, for me there are five stages of hiking. While the five stages of grief have been well documented through…


Franz Josef Glacier Heli-Hike

We climbed a glacier last week. Those aren’t words I typically put together in a sentence, but since I can, I am going to. We also rode in a helicopter last week. Suffice it to say, it was an…


Hokitika Gorge: A Hidden South Island Gem

Apparently all it takes to stun us is a simple recipe of rock flower, melted glacier ice, and river water. Those ingredients are what creates the incredible milky turquoise blue water we found at the Hokitika Gorge earlier this…

8 Things Camper Van

Eight Things You Need for a NZ Camper Van Adventure

We have spent the last three weeks in a camper van, Lucy, driving across New Zealand. While we still have several weeks left, we wanted to share a few of the things which have helped smooth our transition to camper…

Meet Lucy, have you ever seen a prettier van?

Meet Lucy, Our Jucy Camper Van

We’ve spent the last 20 days in a bright green and purple camper van driving across New Zealand. We were a bit nervous for our transition from city to camper van living, but we are happy to report that…

Getting here; traveling everywhere

We boarded a one-way flight to New Zealand last week. I still can’t believe it because I honestly never thought this trip would happen. When I first moved to Chicago in 2009 we had just gotten married and I…


What “Four?” Lake Bled, Slovenia

I’ll admit, Slovenia wasn’t ever on our list. It’s a tiny country that we didn’t know much about until we started researching our Croatia trip. We didn’t understand why every book we found on Croatia was paired with Slovenia.…


What “Four?” Ljubljana, Slovenia

Our time in Slovenia was sprinkled with several “firsts” for us. Most notably, it was the first time we rented a car and drove in a foreign country. It was also the first time our luggage had ever been…