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What "Four"?


The Goat Path


“I am not a goat.”

That is what I kept tearfully telling Ben while we were standing on the side of a mountain last week.

He reassuringly told me I was doing a good job and that if I fell down the mountain, I certainly wouldn’t die.

I quickly interrupted him to inform him that his talk of falling off the mountain wasn’t helping me feel better about falling off the mountain.

But, let me back up.

Late last week we finished our loop around the Northland of the North Island. We wanted to do several hikes during our time in New Zealand, but since Wi-Fi has been hard to come by, we hadn’t been able to do as much research on the weather or gear for the treks as we would’ve liked. On Saturday, we made it south of Auckland and stopped in a cafe in Matamata (home of Hobbiton) which happened to have Wi-Fi. Since we had about a week to get to Wellington, we figured we’d check the weather and decide what days looked best to do some of the hikes on the south part of the North Island. Continue Reading

Getting here; traveling everywhere

We boarded a one-way flight to New Zealand last week. I still can’t believe it because I honestly never thought this trip would happen. When I first moved to Chicago in 2009 we had just gotten married and I…


What “Four?” Lake Bled, Slovenia

I’ll admit, Slovenia wasn’t ever on our list. It’s a tiny country that we didn’t know much about until we started researching our Croatia trip. We didn’t understand why every book we found on Croatia was paired with Slovenia.…


What “Four?” Ljubljana, Slovenia

Our time in Slovenia was sprinkled with several “firsts” for us. Most notably, it was the first time we rented a car and drove in a foreign country. It was also the first time our luggage had ever been…

Zagreb Clock

Top 10 Shows to Cure or Worsen Wanderlust

We have had our one-way tickets booked for eight months now but the closer we get to our departure date, the slower the time seems to crawl. So, we have come up with a way to satiate our wanderlust…

What "Four?" Sarajevo

What “Four?” Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

When we added Sarajevo to our Balkan itinerary it was because we thought it would be interesting to see where WWI started and experience a city that we were only familiar with from the coverage of the Bosnian War while…

Berlin Wall 2

Newseum – So much more than a museum

Today we spent part of the day here at the Newseum. For me, it was an emotional experience. Some of you may know that I spent most of my college years and a couple years after college working as a…

A photo Ben took during one of his business trips to Tokyo.

From Full-Time Work to Full-Time Travel

I received the offer in June 2008. I had gotten it. I’d gotten my dream job. I would be starting as an international equities analyst with a boutique asset manager in Chicago. So why now, eight years later, am…

African Puddle Jumper

Pre-Trip Jitters

In this journey towards full-time travel, there have been several “AAAHHHH!” moments. So far, purchasing our one-way tickets stands out but we know that the biggest are still to come. Here are a few nerve-wracking things that have consistently been…

Zebras in Grass

The Curse of an Overactive Imagination

I never thought this is how I would die. Frozen in fear and rendered indecisive by a complete lack of viable solutions. In the end, it wasn’t bravery or even dumb luck that got me out of that mess…