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Cambodian Landmine Museum: One Child Soldier’s Story

Danger! Mines!

“I don’t know what year I was born, but I’m told it was 1970. I was given my first gone [sic] at the age of ten, when I became a child soldier with the Khmer Rouge… I saw many of my friends die during the war as well as many civilians. It was normal to see such things as a soldier in Cambodia.

“I used to lay landmines when I was a soldier. I laid thousands. At the time I did not realize how terrible landmines were or how much pain they caused my people. From childhood to adulthood, all I knew was war. I grew up thinking that was normal. I was very good at using landmines and learned all about them as a soldier. Landmines were my friends because they could catch food for me. They would even protect me when I slept.” – Aki Ra, the founder of the Cambodian Landmine Museum and Cambodian Self Help Demining, an NGO dedicated to removing landmines and unexploded ordinances.

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